Art by Kevin C Stevens

Mixed media with driftwood, acrylic, pastel, buoy, rope and photo on plywood.
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Mixed media on canvas
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Encaustic with charcoal and acrylic
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Elevating Artistic Boundaries with Innovation

Embark on a creative journey with Kevin C. Stevens, exploring new horizons in mixed media, sculpture, and photography.

Unique Art Collections

The Essence

114cm x 146cm

Creative Vision

114cm x 146cm

Intricate Details

114cm x 146cm

Boundless Imagination

114cm x 146cm

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About Kevin C. Stevens

Discover the artistry of Kevin C. Stevens, a talented artist from Boynton Beach, Florida, known for thought-provoking concepts and captivating visual creations that define contemporary artistry.

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Accolades and Recognitions


Artistic Innovation Award

Kevin C. Stevens honored with the Artistic Innovation Award for pushing boundaries in contemporary art.


Creative Visionary Award

Recognized as a Creative Visionary, Kevin C. Stevens continues to inspire through his unique artistic expressions.


Inspirational Artist of the Year

Kevin C. Stevens named Inspirational Artist of the Year, highlighting his impact on the art community.

Client Testimonials

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